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How do I look after my tattoo?

Second Skin/Dermalize:

Self Adhesive films are a revolutionary healing product being used in tattooing. There are lots brands of film, but we currently use one called Dermalize. Heres a link to their site, it contains some great information: http://www.dermalizepro.com. Dermalize is a great solution for tattoo healing – its a protective covering for your new tattoo that stops it from being open to the air and irritants, and stops it from drying out too fast, which in turn limits scabbing and dryness. Once applied to your skin by one of our artists, leave it on for 4-5 days. To remove the film, rub gently against the edge of the film until it wrinkles and gathers, and then pull the film along the skin instead of up and away. Some people find it easier to remove in the shower whilst getting it wet. Give the tattoo a good wash with warm soapy water and for the next few days use a gentle moisturiser as the tattoo sheds some thin flakes.

Cling Film:

Depending on the size of your tattoo, you will need to remove the cling film bandage 2-6 hours after it being put on, as it needs to breath to heal properly. After taking the bandage off, gently wash the area with non scented neutral soap and let it dry for 10-15 minutes or dry with a paper towel. Once dry apply a thin layer of moisturising cream to the area, reapplying whenever it dries up.

Moisturising Your Tattoo:

We recommend using Hustle Butter Deluxe as we use this throughout our whole tattooing process, one small pot should go a long way. When washing, take extra care to not interrupt the skins healing process. If the skin is scabbing, you want to try and protect it as much as possible until it has healed. Moisturising will prevent excess scabbing. Avoid long baths and showers as extended contact with water may affect the scabbing process. When drying the area try to use some tissue or kitchen roll, as your regular towel may carry infectious bacteria.


Try and keep your fresh tattoo out of the sun until it has fully healed as this can damage it, especially if the skin gets burnt. Try wearing dry, clean, and loose clothing over your fresh tattoo as much as possible to aid the healing process also. Follow this advice and you will keep your new tattoo in its best state.

How much will my tattoo cost?

Most of our professional artists charge around £100 per hour, so it all depends on how large and detailed the design you’re wanting is. We are happy to discuss any design you have in mind and can quote you for it before we start. There is also flash work available which may already be priced up per piece. The minimum charge for a tattoo from our professional tattoo artists is £80. If you would like a tattoo from one of our talented apprentice tattoo artists, their rates are around £50 per hour. These figures are just a guide price so please confirm with the artist how much the tattoo will cost before you book in!

Can I get a custom design?

Yes. As well as all of our own unique flash designs, we are able to bring to life any idea you may have and pull from whatever has inspired you to get a tattoo. We can discuss your idea at length and custom design your own, personalised tattoo. We will then get your design sketched up and you can ask for any alterations you have in mind throughout the design process.

How can I prepare for a tattoo?

Stay hydrated. Staying well hydrated makes your skin more resilient, which will allow it to endure longer tattoo sessions, and help you heal faster following your tattoo session. Shave the area where you will be tattooed to create the smoothest possible surface to work on.

If you aren’t used to shaving, ask someone you know who shaves regularly for assistance. A cut or perforation of the skin could make it impossible for you to get tattooed on schedule, so pay careful attention not to break the skin during a shave. Don’t worry if you forget to shave before your appointment, we can do this for you before we start.

Make sure to eat a healthy, balanced meal before heading to your tattoo session. Be especially mindful to eat before a long tattoo session and bring snacks as well.

Can I use numbing cream or painkillers?

Most people can bear the pain of getting tattooed for a few hours. However, there are various options of relief from the pain, the main one being numbing your skin prior to your tattoo appointment. While numbing cream does not totally eliminate the pain, it can help to reduce it and make your tattoo experience more pleasant, especially during the beginning portion of a long tattoo session.

We do not provide numbing cream so if you are wanting to use it, please bring some to the session. We would only recommend the brand TKTX. We would suggest not taking any pain medication before your appointment. When taking painkillers or Ibuprofen, your blood can become much thinner than usual. This thinning causes the normal clotting processes to be less capable of blocking the blood, allowing it to have a greater chance of leaking out of the small gaps caused by the needles.

Can tattoos be removed?

They can, completely and without scaring. There are two methods available, the first and most common way is the cover-up. This involves working with one of our tattoo artists to come up with a design that will go over and ‘cover-up’ the old one. The second method is to have laser removal.

This treatment breaks down the pigments of ink into smaller bits which the body can then naturally remove. It is a non-invasive and completely safe way to remove an old tattoo. This is also a good option for those wanting to replace an old tattoo with a completely fresh one.

How does drinking alcohol effect getting a tattoo?

If you’re thinking about downing some liquid courage before taking the plunge, think again. Drinking before and after getting a tattoo is a no-no. Alcohol thins your blood, which means excess bleeding. When you bleed more than normal, it can cause visibility issues for the artist, potentially compromising the quality of the design. Excess bleeding can also thin the ink, so stick to water and soft drinks!


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