Best Tattoo Artists in Leeds, England

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Obviously, your taste in design is subjective and there are a lot of great tattoo artists out there in Leeds. But we still like to think we have some of the best tattoo artists in Leeds, some up and coming and some with a solid body of work and consistently good work. We host a variety of different artistic styles at Buzz Club Tattoo Studio including; fine line, micro-realism, neo-traditional, stick & poke, ignorant, illustrative, and colour. Visit our work page to have a look through some collections of work from our resident & regular guest artists.

If you would like to learn a bit more about our artists and their main styles you can visit our artist page and scroll through our talented team. But if you would like to see their portfolios please use the links below to view their Instagrams that display their body of work.

New Tattoo Studio in Leeds City Centre

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Just to keep everyone updates, we now have a second location. Our new tattoo shop in Leeds is at 60 Wellington Street, Leeds, LS12EE. Please double check your appointment reminder emails & SMS to see which studio you are in!

You will find the best tattoo artists in Leeds, West Yorkshire @ Buzz Club Tattoo Studio, so lease have a look through their work and drop us an enquiry if you would like an appointment.

We’re back!

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Once again we can reopen our doors to the public on the 12th April and are very excited to get all of you in as soon as possible!

We’re a well established, environmentally friendly tattoo shop that has some of the best tattoo artists in Leeds & Yorkshire. Please visit our work page to see some recent tattoos to come out of Buzz Club and find all of our artists listed in our Instagram bio.

If you’re interested in getting a tattoo at Buzz Club Tattoo Studio, please head to our homepage and fill out an enquiry form and we’ll get you booked in as soon as possible!

Fine Line Tattoo Studio, UK

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We have recently taken on a number of talented apprentice fine line tattoo artists in our tattoo shop in Leeds! They all have their own unique styles and have been, and continue to be trained by our professional artists who specialise in fine line work tattoos Hayley Stephenson and Stephen Okane.

We are a great choice if you are looking for fine line tattoos as we have a lot of experience in this area of design. We do also cover many other tattoo styles, such as traditional and neo-traditional with our artists John Claude and Dan O’Hagan.

To see the work of our new apprentice fine line tattoo artists and keep up to date with their work pleas visit their pages using their links below.

Aleksandra Wenerska

Alexa Archer

Amelia Dolan

Chloe Tripyear

If you are interested in visiting buzz club tattoo studio for your next tattoo idea, please get in touch or fill in an enquiry form on our homepage and we will look to get you booked in as soon as possible!

Stick and Poke (Handpoke) Tattoos

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We have recently taken on two new Stick and Poke (Handpoke) Tattoo Artists here at Buzz Club Tattoo Studio. They are both talented stick and poke/handpoke tattoo artists, with lots of enthusiasm and great portfolios of work. Their names are Luka & Marketa and you can find their work displayed here & here.

Stick-and-poke tattoos are a form of non-electric tattooing—that is to say, there’s no tattoo machine used. Instead, ink is applied to the skin by hand using a tattoo-grade needle attached to a rod, creating an analog tattoo machine.

For more information about stick and poke tattoos in Leeds, please get in touch and we would happily talk you through the process. If you would like to make an appointment for a stick and poke tattoo in Leeds then let us know and we will talk you through our booking process.

Buzz Club


Tattoos in Leeds available once again!

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We’re pleased to announce that Buzz Club Tattoo Studio is back open! We are taking all enquiries and are looking to get as many of you booked in as we can. Please fill out an enquiry form on our homepage and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We are so happy to be able to re-open our tattoo shop and to let you guys back in! Hope to see you all in the studio in the coming months 🙂

Eco-Friendly Vegan Tattoo Shop

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When we set up Buzz Club Tattoo Studio in Leeds, we wanted to make sure it was vegan-friendly. We felt it completely unnecessary to be using inks and products containing animal fats in them, when there are better alternatives that don’t use any anyway! If you are vegan, or just don’t want animal products in or on your skin you can have peace of mind when using our services. Please see our homepage for more information on how we operate and the products we use.

Apart from this we also believe in using 100% renewable energy to ensure we are running an environmentally friendly tattoo shop. As there are always areas to improve we have moved onto the plastic problem within the industry and general life and are moving towards a no-plastic tattoo shop. Our latest partnership with who gives a crap means we have completely cut out plastic waste when using kitchen roll (which is a lot in tattoo studios) and also our toilet paper. Have a look at them yourself if you’re interested in reducing your own plastic waste, it’s not more expensive than what you’d usually buy.

We are always trying to innovate towards becoming as environmentally friendly as possible, if you have any ideas for us please feel free to get in touch and we would be happy to discuss them with you 🙂

So if you are searching for the best tattoo artists in Leeds that also work within a studio that operates in the most sustainable way, please pay us a visit and we’ll hook you up.

Tattoo Shops Near Me

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Are you looking for a trusted and established tattoo shop in Leeds/Yorkshire? Look no further, our tattoo artists Buzz Club Tattoo Studio have experience in a variety of styles. Including fine line tattoos, traditional tattoos, minimalist tattoos & small tattoos. Please have a look through our work and get in touch if you are interested in getting a tattoo at Buzz Club. We are a welcoming and relaxed studio with a good atmosphere, see our homepage for more information about the studio and what we do and also you can check out our virtual tour of the studio! If you have any questions please get in touch with us via email or send through an enquiry form, also found on our homepage 🙂

Small Tattoos

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Specialists in small tattoos are hard to come by in Leeds. That’s where Buzz Club can help you out, we specialise in this work so if you are interested in any small tattoo designs please do get in touch and we will get a design ready for you and book you in as soon as possible. We have a variety of tattoo artists with varied work so whatever you have in mind can be worked towards. Alternatively, you you check out each of their flash and choose something you like out of it to get tattooed.

We have made a name for ourselves for our fine line tattoos which is why we are the best studio in the Leeds area to carry out this work for you. Just see for yourself by looking though ‘our work‘ page or check out our instagram where you can also find links to all of our artists profiles and see even more variety of the styles offered by our tattoo artists at Buzz Club Tattoo Studio.

Buzz Club Tattoo Studio – Tattoo Shop Leeds
154, Hyde Park Road,
Woodhouse, Leeds, LS61AG
0113 450 8113
[email protected]