Vegan Friendly Leeds-Based Tattoo Studios in Hyde Park & Leeds City Centre.
Providing High-Quality Custom Tattoos, Bringing Your Ideas To Life.

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Monday / 10:00am – 7:00pm
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154 Hyde Park Road, Hyde Park, Leeds

60 Wellington Street, Leeds

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At Buzz Club tattoo studios in Leeds, we provide a wide variety of tattoo styles to cater for every artistic interest, with our resident tattoo artists engaged in their preferred designs and our steady flow of guest artists who bring in new methods and techniques. The artists at our tattoo shops each have their own portfolios of designs to work from as well as providing custom tattoos, and are happy to bring to life any idea you may have, whether its your first or thirtieth tattoo.

Got any questions? Get in touch with us, alternatively you can check out our FAQ or our blog for more information.


We have a big selection of styles to pick from here at Buzz Club Tattoo Studio. We are famous for our fine line tattooing, but we also have incredible artists in the styles of traditional tattoos, realism tattoos, line work tattoos, large floral/flower tattoos, hand poke (stick & poke), and more.

To see our full range of artists and the type of work they specialise in, head over to our Artists page and have a look for yourself!


There are elements of the tattoo process where we use vegan products in place of non-vegan products.

#1 None of our inks contain animal fats like many others do. Our artists mainly use Dynamic for their black inks and Eternal Ink for colours.

#2 We use Hustle Butter Deluxe & INK EEZE in place of vaseline before, during, and after the tattoo as they’re the highest quality vegan products out there.

#3 We use Spirit stencil transfer paper for our tattoo designs in place of others, which doesn’t contain animal fats.

#4 We use latex-free gloves to ensure our gloves contain no casein.

Also, we try to make sure all of our energy is 100% renewable.

Check out our Virtual Tour to see the studios for yourself!


We’re currently on the look out for an experienced tattoo artist to join our team! If this sounds like something you’re interested in please get in touch. Visit our Artist Wanted page for more information on the position.