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Eco-Friendly Vegan Tattoo Shop

When we set up Buzz Club Tattoo Studio in Leeds, we wanted to make sure it was vegan-friendly. We felt it completely unnecessary to be using inks and products containing animal fats in them, when there are better alternatives that don’t use any anyway! If you are vegan, or just don’t want animal products in or on your skin you can have peace of mind when using our services. Please see our homepage for more information on how we operate and the products we use.

Apart from this we also believe in using 100% renewable energy to ensure we are running an environmentally friendly tattoo shop. As there are always areas to improve we have moved onto the plastic problem within the industry and general life and are moving towards a no-plastic tattoo shop. Our latest partnership with who gives a crap means we have completely cut out plastic waste when using kitchen roll (which is a lot in tattoo studios) and also our toilet paper. Have a look at them yourself if you’re interested in reducing your own plastic waste, it’s not more expensive than what you’d usually buy.

We are always trying to innovate towards becoming as environmentally friendly as possible, if you have any ideas for us please feel free to get in touch and we would be happy to discuss them with you 🙂

So if you are searching for the best tattoo artists in Leeds that also work within a studio that operates in the most sustainable way, please pay us a visit and we’ll hook you up.

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