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Fine Line Tattoo Specialists in Leeds

By July 1, 2020 July 22nd, 2020 10 Comments

Buzz Club Tattoo Studio is the leading fine line tattoo specialists in Leeds. Our artists are very skilled in this form of tattoo body art and will be able to work on any fine line tattoo design you may be interested in. We have built a following on this fine line tattoo work and continue to impress clients with the high quality of our work. Have a look below at some of the fine line tattoos we have given our clients recently.

Fine Line Rose Tattoo

Fine Line Rose & Script Tattoo

Fine Line Floral & Script Tattoo

Fine Line Koi Fish Tattoo

Fine Line Floral Sprig Tattoo


All photos taken from Buzz Club Tattoo Studio, the best tattoo shop in Leeds! Our Leeds based vegan-friendly tattoo shop focus on fine line tattoos along with traditional tattoos and realism tattoos. Check out our websiteΒ or our instagram to see more of our work and the studio and get in touch πŸ™‚


  • Tessa Robbins says:

    Hi! I have been looking for a fine line tattoo for awhile and am moving to Leeds later on in the year. I was just wondering if you currently have any space for bookings? Thank you!

  • Aimee Barker says:


    Last week I sent a tattoo request via the link in your Instagram bio – It included a picture of the writing I would like and where I would like it. Noone has yet got back to me, I know you will be busy but just wanted to make sure you got it and wondered how long it would take for you guys to look at it.

    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Aimee Barker.

  • Amy says:

    Hi I’m wanting to book a tattoo but been struggling to. Please can I book one in.

  • Melody says:

    I’m currently 17, I turn 18 in December and am considering designs for my first tattoo. Should I start going through the process to book a consultation and appointment now?

  • Julia Maciazek says:

    I wanted to book myself in for a tattoo.
    It would be a around 5 cm wide word ( very small).
    This is my first tattoo so apologies if this is a silly question but do I need any allergy tests done beforehand just in case I am allergic to the ink?
    Would You like me to attach a file of the tattoo idea via e-mail to give you an idea and also for me to get a price estimate?

    Many thanks,

    • Hey Julia,

      If you want to head to our homepage and click on the enquiry button, you can fill out an enquiry for your tattoo there and we’ll get you boooked in as soon as possible πŸ™‚

      Many thanks,

      Buzz Club

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