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Small Tattoos

By September 22, 2020 2 Comments

Specialists in small tattoos are hard to come by in Leeds. That’s where Buzz Club can help you out, we specialise in this work so if you are interested in any small tattoo designs please do get in touch and we will get a design ready for you and book you in as soon as possible. We have a variety of tattoo artists with varied work so whatever you have in mind can be worked towards. Alternatively, you you check out each of their flash and choose something you like out of it to get tattooed.

We have made a name for ourselves for our fine line tattoos which is why we are the best studio in the Leeds area to carry out this work for you. Just see for yourself by looking though ‘our work‘ page or check out our instagram where you can also find links to all of our artists profiles and see even more variety of the styles offered by our tattoo artists at Buzz Club Tattoo Studio.

Buzz Club Tattoo Studio – Tattoo Shop Leeds
154, Hyde Park Road,
Woodhouse, Leeds, LS61AG
0113 450 8113


  • Cherish says:

    Hi I’m enquiring for me and my friend to get matching small fine line tattoos we already have a design in mind. We would like a mountain silhouette with a sun or moon in the back ground. Would you be able to accommodate us?

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